Rica Seats

Rica Seats designs, plans production for, and engages in manufacturing of seats for mass transit vehicles. We started manufacturing train seats in 1994 and our main customer has been the Finnish National Railways Ltd. (Valtion Rautatiet Oy) or VR. In this time over 40 000 of various seat models have been delivered and installed.

Since the seats of one series are made to fit the parameters of a particular vehicle or coach, each series is different and requires a high degree of custom work. Rica Seats' experience allows for flexibility: we can either use finished blueprints or participate in designing and modeling. In the latter case the overall cost- and time-efficiency of the project is most likely to improve.

Majority of our seats are metal frame based and manufactured on multi-stage automated assembly lines. Rica Seats has made seats of this type since it was established and has accumulated considerable body of know-how applicable on all production stages. This know-how is continuously leveraged to offer customers products of superior workmanship. A testimony to that is the success of Rica Seats both domestically and internationally.

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